Parshas Ki Savo



Parshas Ki Savo (5777)

by Mordechai Dolinsky


29:3 Hashem gave today the heart, the eyes and the ears to have a true insight for the miracles and chessed of Hashem to cling to Him.  Moshe knows this, Rashi says, since Klal Yisroel was overly concerned regarding their absolute right in the future for Torah.  Two tremendous insights and lessons; firstly for one to come to really appreciate the great signs and miracles one must have a special gift from Above, something we would think is completely up to us.  Secondly, Moshe recognized this gift from their outstanding yearning for Torah.  This is also an awesome lesson that the true recognition of miracles must lead to a great yearning for Torah.


Have a wonderul, meaningful Shabbos and Elul.

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