Parshas Bereishis



Parshas Bereishis 5778

by Mordechai Dolinsky


3:19:  Adam has been sent from Gan Aden and his life’s lot, program and agenda is revealed; b’zayas apecha.  Adam was created from the earth and eventually will return to that very earth– in the period between he will be reoccupied working and tilling again that very earth.  What can we learn and grow from this?  What is the deep message?


The Mesilas Yesharim says that since we are created from and made up of adama in order to succeed we must harness our strengths and energies to rise above otherwise we will surely succumb to the power and influence of the earth.


Hashem should give us the insight and the strength.


Have a wonderful and inspiring Shabbos Bereishis and it should lead to a fulfilling Chodesh.



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