Parshas Noach



Parshas Noach (5778)

by Mordechai Dolinsky


When Noach received the instructions from Hashem to evacuate the taiva (8:16-18) four times the ewxpression “itcha” is unusally used to include all; your family “itcha”, the animals…the insect world…and then again to show that it was all acoomplished.  This was to demonstrate that they were under the strict orders of Noach for evacuation.  One thought for this might be this taiva had the awesome purpose of saving and preserving the world, mankind and life.  It was Hashem’s tool and it achieved a tremendously high level of holiness and had to be evacuated like the chatzotzros of Moshe Rabeinu.


Noach, Noach–you achieved for us the zchus of life and existence.  Appreciate it and use it for the utmost.


Have a wonderful Shabbos and a successful and fulfilling month–good Chodesh.

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