Parshas Toldos



Parshas Toldos (5778)

by Mordechai Dolinsky


I’m sure the question bothers us all, how is it possible for greatest of the greatest, Yitzchok Avinu, to  be so mistaken about Esav.  He loved him dearly.  Perhaps we can say that Esav, with all his faults, had a positive side to him that was truly very great.  This means in chessed, in tefilah and Torah.  With chessed–his great mesiras nefesh in treating lepers with repulsive puss infections.  Tefilah, Yitzchok seeing him davening with tremendous devotion; Torah–trying very hard to connect with the tradition of Shem.  Esav had his faults which he hid but there certainly was what for Yitzchok to love.  Yitzchok also loved and appreciated Yaakov.  When it came apparent that he gave the brachos to Yaakov it was clear to him that it went through Hashgacha to the right one.


This is a great path to understand and appreciate Yitzchok Avinu, one of the greatest giants of the universe.


Have a wonderful Shabbos and a magnificent and fulfilling Chodesh.

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