Parshas Vayeira



Parshas Vayeira (5778)

by Mordechai Dolinsky


Moiradik, Moiradik, who is Lot, who is this Lot, Avraham adopted him as his own and in ruchniyus he was his closest talmid anjd likewise in riches.  The abundance caused conflict; Avraham tested him and gave him the choice who should move.  He should have broken down and cried–move from the Rebbe, instead HE moved to Sodom with the reshaim.  There he was captured by the Kidarlaomer episode.  Avraham put himself out tin great battle to save him.  Again Sodom was being destroyed for their great wickedness and with awesome mesiras nefesh he was saved from among the wicked he chose to live with.  One insight we have is the episode of his awesome act of hachnosas orchim with the Malachimj and his great mesiras nefesh to save them.  This reveals explicitly that there was certainly true greatness in him which Avraham certainly connected to and realized.


Have a wonderful and significant Shabbos.

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