Parshas Voeschanan



Parshas Voeschanan (5777)

by Mordechai Dolinsky


In our sedra  5:19-23 the pasukim relate the voice of Hashem emitting from a fire; in pasuk 19 the pasuk refers to the voice of Hashem coming from Choshech.  Beside the contradiction how do we understand the concept of darkness?  The concept of fire we can say is the koach of Hashem, the ssence of Hashem, before the manifestation of the Creation, but what about choshech?   Perhaps we can say this is referring to an even deeper essence of Hashem even before the aish, the koach of depth of emes, a very deep revelation of emes which is manifested in the amkus of amkus in the Torah.  Perhaps this might be a reference to chochmas hanistar.  We should be zocheh lilmode u’lehavin.

Have a wonderful, fulfilling Shabbos.

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